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Today we had to say goodbye to our baby boy Sneaker after a long battle with infections and a probable tumor. Sneaker came to live with us on June 21, 1989 when he was 7 weeks old. We knew he was the one for us when we saw him walking down the driveway of his birth home, as if to say, "I'm outta here!". He always had 'catitude' and wasn't afraid to take down his big brother, Spud, in a wrestling match. Until he became ill, Sneaker was our perpetual kitten and was always good for a noggin' nudge for his favorite people.  

  He leaves behind his mom & dad (Debi & Byron), big brother Spud, little sister Mama Kitty & baby sister Mo. We're thankful for the 17 happy years we shared with Sneaker and will miss him with all our heart.

Debi & Byron

P.S. To all of you who have given us support during Sneaker's illness, and to the doctors and staff at Burien Vet, our sincere thanks.

Sneaker - April 30, 1989 to July 14, 2006
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