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In Loving Memory of Saria
"My Blue-eyed baby"
December 2001-April 28, 2006

This was Saria, my beautiful white American guinea pig with blue eyes. This is a picture of her with her babies. I miss her so much. I remember the first day I adopted her.  July 2004 I met her at a friend's house. She was with a multicoloured boar named Harry and she was pregnant with twins.


And I fell in love with her. After she gave birth to the babies, I wanted to see her so badly. And finally on July 24th I brought her home. She enjoyed life at home. We watched America's Funniest Home Videos together. We enjoyed a plate of veggies together, and she always gives me a little whiskery kiss on the nose. I miss those kisses. 3 days before she died she had been wheezing. And she died from a cold and old age. I miss her so much. My best friend is gone forever and I wish that I could feel those little whiskery kisses on my nose again.

Baby girl, I miss you so bad.
You were the bestest pet that I have ever had.

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