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Rufus was and will always be my sweet baby. He was a Shar-Pei (with maybe some accidental Retriever) and suffered his entire life from many health issues related to the Shar-Pei line. His life consisted of specially homemade dog food, allergy shots, multiple daily pill administrations,
special baths, and lots of daily scratching that resulted in his family having to tell him to stop on a regular basis, plus many other ailments over
his lifetime. Although it might sound like his life was miserable, Rufus had a glorious life with the special help of his faithful vets at Redwood Animal  

  Hospital, especially Dr. Roberti. 

Rufus lived to about 12 years (9/1994-8/2006) and spent much of his life enjoying daily walks (he was a nature buff), tracking scents (one of his favorite hobbies), watching sunsets and sunrises, and being given lots of kisses and hugs (which he dutifully returned). He is a dog that can never be replaced both in spirit, love, and dedication, but I know he lives on in my heart and memories. I am not sure I will ever have a dog as smart and loving as Rufus, but I sure hope I can come close. Although his body is gone, his footprints, smile, and gift to me shall remain for eternity. I miss him every day and wish I could have ten more of him, but it cannot be, so I shall take solace in knowing that wherever he is, he no longer has to be poked or prodded, and can be the healthy dog he should have been. May he be tracking all that beholds him on the other side of the dog rainbow bridge. Forever in my heart... a fond farewell my sweet baby Rufus and I shall simply end with: until we meet again...


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