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PC came into our lives 17 years ago in the most surprising way. While taking a lunch break from job hunting I decided to stop by the local shelter to spend my time showing love to some much deserving animals. I was walking past a cage and the softest paw reached out and touched my arm. I turned to look (and give a pet, of course) and the biggest, sweetest cat in the world reached out with both his paws to "hug" my arm and give me a "hello" meow. I was hooked! I went back to visit the next day and spend time with my newly found friend and realized that I couldn't leave him behind.

My husband and I took him home that day and he became a very important part of our family. He would go on walks with our dog Amber every day, following behind or walking beside her, best friends. He loved to sit in the sun and gave the best little kitty backrubs. He's with Amber now, walking beside her and waiting for us to come along later.

  PC was more than a friend, he was familyWe miss you Old Man and will always, always love you. Snuggle up with Amber somewhere in the sun, we'll see you before you know it.

Thank you to everyone at East Mill Plain Animal Hospital for treating him like he was special. He was.
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