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Nikki came to live with me while friends of mine moved from Seattle to Wyoming (I already had one of his cats that came to stay with me while they moved from Dallas to Seattle). Nikki was traumatized from the move from one house to the other and she lived under my bed for three days. I eventually got her out and set up a bed and a litter box in my Labrador’s airline crate. She wouldn’t eat so I soaked dry cat food and canned food and mixed it in a blender and got a wide mouth syringe from my vet and force fed her. I got her a leash and attached it to her collar and walked around the house with her and made sure she got a lot of attention. Finally after about 2 months she got used to me, the house and everything else and she became the adorable cat she always was. My friends called and said that they needed to ship Nikki to their step-daughter in Chicago but no way would I let them do it, I wasn’t going to have Nikki traumatized again. She lived with me for 13 years which included two moves and surviving another cat, a Labrador retriever and a Boston terrier. For a while she was the only animal in the house until I rescued a Boston terrier two years ago but she got along great with the new dog and actually chased her around the house. Nikki was hyperthyroid and on

  medication and unfortunately as she got older she started having problems with pain and I didn’t want her to suffer any more that is why I had her put to sleep. We miss her but she is in a much happier place and our lives were made richer for having her.


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