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The purpose of this message is to introduce you to my late quarter horse, Buddy, a 21 year-old gelding. I’m Michele. Buddy and I were together for 12 years before we lost him on July 8, 2006.

During those years we ran in the following gaming events: Texas Barrels, Speed Barrels, International Flag, Bi-Wrangle, Key Poles and Idaho Figure 8. We competed in the Top Ten where the finals are held in August, at the Clark County Fairgrounds. Buddy and I came in second, four times, while competing for the Saddle.

  Buddy was an extremely fast horse and very easy to ride. Buddy also had a very big heart and always gave 110% in everything he did. Buddy’s farrier, who is very knowledgeable about horses, said, “A horse like Buddy comes along once in a lifetime!”

In early 2006, Buddy developed an illness, which we first learned about when he passed urine while running in the Pole Event. At Columbia Equine Veterinarian Center, we learned that Buddy had a tear in his urethra and urine was leaking into his tissue. This condition was inoperable. After about a month of treatment with the hope that the tear would heal, Buddy’s health took a sudden turn for the worse. We and the Vet worked very hard to save Buddy. They consulted with Oregon State Veterinary Hospital, among many others. The cause of this condition is unknown and not curable at this time. Our very special thanks go the Mountain View Veterinarian Hospital, Columbia Equine Veterinarian Hospital and the doctors, Scott Hansen and Kellie Erin.

The love I had for Bud can never be replaced. I was so lucky to have had Buddy in my life.

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