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  Marco Polo

I believe cats have a sixth sense.

My cat Marco Polo (Premier, Red Pursian), used to be my alarm clock before I retired from and insurance company three years ago.  I would set my alarm clock for 5 a.m..  Before the alarm clock went off, Marco would be on my bed, meowing until I woke up, and I would thank him.

I told him and my other beloved cat, Subahdar (Premier, Seal Point Himalayan), that I was retiring to take care of them in their old age.  Subahdar passed away at sixteen in February of 2005.  Marco just recently in June 2006, at eighteen.  They were just nine days apart in age.  Marco being the oldest. 

It turned out to be the other way around! I am a diabetic, and sometime my blood sugars become very low.  Marco knew when this occurred.  He would jump up on the chair I would be sleeping in

Marco Polo
  or onto my bed and wake me. I would find myself all sweaty and shaky. Marco saved my life several times.  

I love him very much.  I will miss him.  He will occupy a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.  He had a very good life.  I guess you could say we took care of each other, in his last days.

With love to my beautiful Marco Polo.  I will keep him in my heart forever!

Emma H.

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