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Malcolm lived to see my lucky number 9 on earth. What a life he had on earth! He loved to "go to work". He went to work with me everyday at a grooming shop and was spoiled by most clients (scared a few away, just because he was a Rottweiler.) We called him the "Gentle Giant" or "Saint Malcolm". He would allow our Guinea Pig to chew on his toenails! He would push a hurt bird with his nose to encourage it to fly. He did his breed justice whenever just given the chance. It is all we asked. Without having an aggressive bone in his body, I know he has saved my life many times. He was a master at mind reading, good or bad thoughts. He would watch my daughter grow up and as she left the house to the store, he would go from window to window until she was out of sight.

He was well known in his day for his many talents in 4h, tracking, agility, obedience, etc. In fact, so well known for his "everything" that he helped me to rescue my next Rottweiler whose name came as "Deuce", honestly, which is also


the name that Malcolm sent to me in a dream when I asked him the night before what to name the new guy.

The dream showed me 2 Rotties, one which was Malcolm who barked at me! I saw them laying in the same position, one a few feet ahead and about 5 feet apart like a card position. Ok! "Deuce" is the dog who precedes Malcolm. What shoes to fill!

He was not always perfect. He found the garbage to be worth the scolding. Yum. I had to laugh because he tried to hide his 120lb. body in my small house. He would not greet me at the door when he did this. Once he ate 2 loaves of banana bread off the counter (fresh out of the oven, too). His stomach was three times the size! At doggie daycare he and a Bassett buddy broke into the lobby treats and a bag of yummy cat food to the point he could not even crawl to me when I arrived because his belly was so scary full. Then there was the spicy chili I left for a few, only to return to a lick out of the pot, a spoon on the floor, a laughing Labrador, and a Rottie that was so busted with a dab of sour cream between the eyes and lapping up all of the water! Then I got him with a snappy trainer and a video camera where he learned that garbage is "scary" and "Flintstone ran" from the kitchen.

I really miss even that about Malcolm. Words just don't do him justice. You had to KNOW him. Guaranteed, you wouldn't ever forget him either. I await the day when I can make up for all the time he missed on earth because he was taken much too soon. I owe him even so much more than I gave him. He never showed me how much pain he was in and he always protected my heart at the expense of his own. We were closer than "white on rice" as they say. My clients have been wonderful with sympathy cards, shoulders to cry on and the sweetest words. They really did "know" him.

I can only hope to see him again someday soon, getting in the garbage. Malcolm will be forever in our hearts.

Germaine, Jasmine and all who knew him

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