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  Macaroni   (1991-2006)

There are many ways we might describe Macaroni: an escape artist and a thief, a loyal friend and a protector of cats. Macaroni was a stray that came into our lives in the early 90’s. Matt gave her the name Macaroni after his favorite food. Macaroni was very gentle with the cats and with Matt and Sara & became best friends with the neighbor’s Golden Retrievers, Casual and Murphy. We wondered how a dog with such a lovely personality ended up as a stray. A clearer picture emerged when we tried to take her to obedience classes and she tried to fight with every other dog there. Over the years we figured out that she liked dogs who were associated with people she knew but any dog by itself or with strangers was fair game to fight with. It was fortunate that where we live she didn’t encounter too many unknown dogs. Our theory was tested when we got a miniature pincher, Hex. Hex is 12 pounds of pure bossiness and would jump at Mac & steal treats from her, yet Mac never responded.. Hex was part of our family so Mac put up with her.



Macaroni, as usual, turning away from the camera   Out Under the Sun (AKA Macaroni's Song) by Pacific Graveyard

Mac, Casual & Murphy had a routine. As soon as the school bus picked up the kids, the 3 dogs went out into the wheat fields to hunt mice returning as a muddy mess but with a smile on their faces. We first discovered that Mac was a thief when dog bowls started showing up in our yard. She would go through the neighbor’s dog door and steal food bowls to bring home. Dog dishes bigger than the dog door kept the food bowls from disappearing but then she found other things to steal: a single shoe, a piece of clothing, a tool (usually broken); she never seemed to be very good at bringing home anything that was useful. She stole so many bones from Casual & Murphy that Scott started drilling a hole through bones & chained them to a post. He knew when Mac had visited as the tethered bone was pointed toward our house. She had a certain place in the yard where she collected her treasures so if something was missing we knew where to look.

She divided her time between our house and the neighbors, but she considered us her primary home. As we drove past the neighbors she would sight the car and run through the fields as fast as she could & then come running up the driveway to greet us as if to say: “I’ve been here all day waiting for you.”

Even though she was bossy around other dogs, she never bothered the cats. Each time we brought home a new cat, she would sniff it, get her nose slapped and then the cats either ignored her or loved her. Chester, a large orange tabby was a good friend. Often the 2 of them would run out together to greet us.

Mac had a fear of cameras. Regular cameras or digital, as soon as she spotted a camera she got up and ran away. Most of our photos of her are of her rear end. We never did figure out why she had this fear and how she knew that what I had in my hand was a camera.

We are sad to say goodbye but we know that Mac is now with Casual and Murphy at Rainbow bridge, chasing mice and stealing bones.

Mac you will always be in our hearts: Matt, Sara, Wayne & Cheryl

Addendum Dec 2006. If you read this story you know Mac was a thief. She lives on in the heart of Scott & Suzanne's most recent dog, Jersey who now comes to our house to steal cat food bowls. Fair is fair.


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