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For nearly 18 years she loved us unconditionally, slept under the covers and demanded she be carried around the house. As a young cat she had food allergies along with irritable bowels so we cooked all of her food - chicken breasts in the crock pot, brown rice, greens and vitamin supplements. That subsided and we found high quality foods that worked very well for so we could work those into her diet. When she was about 16 she was diagnosed as hyperthyroid and since she had such a sensitive tummy so as an   

  alternative to medication we sent her to a specialist at Cats Exclusively for radioiodine therapy which cured her of that.  Although she had the beginnings of kidney disease as many geriatric cats do, her Dr. put her on calcitriol which kept her renal levels very close to normal and until her final day of life she was beautiful, playful and vibrant. She could still jump up onto counter tops - she looked, felt, ate and played like a young cat. We had worked through it all until at nearly 18 she was diagnosed with a brain lesion - there just wasn't a thing to do but to let our beautiful girl go with integrity and grace. We take comfort in knowing that she had a long life, was well cared for and loved and we had always sworn never to prolong the inevitable and allow her to suffer an ounce. She was one of the great loves of our life - always there seemingly knowing what we needed. She made a very strong impression on everyone who met her. We will miss her and love her forever.

Having someone who is completely innocent and absolutely subject to everything humans subject them to in our care is a great commitment and responsibility and worth every deed and act of love and kindness one can give.

Thank you for your expressed condolences and for recognizing the significance of the bond between pets and people - the pain of such a loss is not to be minimized simply because of species.

In loving memory of precious M.E.
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