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Luke had a rough start in life, as he was part of a feral colony that lived near Dick's office.   A local rescue group helped us humanely trap all the cats so they could be vaccinated and spayed or neutered.   Luke's mother tested positive for FIV, but Luke and his littermates, who were only a few weeks old,  tested negative for FELV/FIV.  Some of the kittens from this colony went to the rescue group and some came home to be part of our family.  We thought everything was fine until we noticed Luke was getting thin.  He was rushed to the vet's office where he was tragically diagnosed with FIP.


He had to be euthanized just five days after the very probable diagnosis of this horrible disease.  We feel so terrible for Luke and wish that there was something we could have done to save him.  His death was a shock because we thought that the negative testing meant that he was out of the woods for viruses. But this virus has no decent vaccine and no cure and apparently no hope. We hope that Luke's legacy will be that a cure is found for FIP.

Dick and Merridy W.

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