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Lucy was a beloved friend and lap warmer. Although she was petrified of strangers, she was the sweetest and most loving cat that I have ever met to those who knew her well. My brother and his former wife picked Lucy at a pet store. She was named Lucy so they could holler, "Hey Lucy, I'm Home!" like Dezi Arnez in I Love Lucy. She always came to the door to greet them. Lucy lived the first nine years of her life in transit, as my brother was in the military. She lived in Phoenix AZ, Fairbanks AK, and Spokane WA.


  Upon his divorce, my brother received orders to be stationed in Korea on remote assignment - no pets allowed. He asked if Chris and I would watch Lucy that year. We already had a cat and lived in a small two-bedroom apartment, but we agreed. Keith drove her from Spokane to Vancouver WA, to her new temporary quarters.We were strangers to Lucy, and she was scared to death. It took weeks for her to warm up to us but after a few months, she was fitting in as a member of our family. When Keith came back from Korea, he asked if we would take Lucy permanently. She knew us, and we loved her. As a single man in the military, it just wasn't practical for him to have a pet. We welcomed her with open arms. Lucy lived the last nine years of her life with us in our small three-bedroom home.
The other cat we had when Lucy arrived at our doorstep passed away two years ago. Other than myself and Chris, she is survived by Bitsy cat, Colby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her first "dad" Keith. One of the ways Lucy showed us she loved us was to press her forehead against ours, purring loudly. Lucy was 18 1/2 years old when she passed on into the next life. We all miss her, and ... it was her time. She is purring peacefully in heaven now.

Amy and Chris B.

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