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You have no idea how much I adored this little cat. Kess aka Ooo-dee & Honey-girl, came to me from her first owners, a couple who were friends of mine, who found her wandering into in their yard one day. She lived with them for approximately 5 years, I adored her from afar. When their relationship dissolved, a custody battle ensued. I stepped in and said "I want her." Dispute resolved! Kess lived with me for 5 years. She was my constant companion, no matter what room of the house I was in, she was there.

   She always wanted to be held and petted on in some way. She had a requisite amount of lap time, and she'd let me know if the quota was low! She loved lying on her back and I could hold her like a baby and she'd sleep blissfully. I even mastered cradling her on my lap as I typed at the computer.

She had complete trust in me, and our communication with each other was unique. She was my alarm clock in the morning, jumping back & forth over my head, a feat I always felt was worthy of inclusion on the Planet's Funniest Animals. She'd be there to sleep with me every night. She helped me with my home work, she helped me pay my bills, rolling in any sort of paperwork was a specialty ;-) and she always expected the last few sips of milk in my cereal bowl, often asking for it before I was done.

Kess was an 'exotic' and this was the first time I'd ever been owned by a Persian cross. She was, without a doubt, the hairiest little cat I've ever known. Her fur was like silk, soft and downy and fly-away, an asthmatic's nightmare. She will continue to live on through her hair, still clinging to everything I own. The lint-roller even became known as the 'de-Kessifier.'

I knew I'd have her till the end of her days on this planet, but I didn't expect her to go so quickly. I miss her daily, she left quite a void. She is with me always.

I've attached a picture of Kess, in one of her favorite poses, waiting for a belly rub...and if you look closely, you can see how hairy the tablecloth is...

Margaret S.

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