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  Katrina Ballerina

In August, 1996, I went to my local Animal Shelter to adopt a Persian Cat. I prefer Persian Cats due to their gentle nature, their sweet dispositions and their unsurpassable beauty. At this time there weren't any Persian Cats available for adoption. Several stray cats, recently rescued, were contained within the Holding Room, a 7-Day Waiting Period. If the Owners did not retrieve their cats within 7-Days, the cats in the Holding Room would be available for adoption. I peeked inside the Holding Room and.....I saw HER!   

Katrina Ballerina
  A very tiny, badly neglected, emancipated, loaded with fleas, white female Persian Cat about 9 months old. Her pure white fur was severely yellowed from lack of proper nutrition and care. SHE WAS THE ONE I WANTED TO ADOPT! I could hardly contain my excitement!!! 

After the 7-Day Waiting Period I returned to the Shelter. She was STILL THERE! I adopted her on the spot! Her first day home I named her Katrina which in Swedish means Catherine, my name. Katrina had her first good yummy healthy meal! Katrina had a nice warm bubble bath and blown dry with my personal hair dryer. Katrina's Fur was gently combed, all fur mats removed. The remaining fleas on Katrina's tiny body were removed with a Flea Comb. I sent the fleas to their demise by drowning them in my kitchen measuring cup.

I immediately noticed Katrina had a serious issue with the inside of her left ear as she continuously scratched and tilted her head. Katrina was taken to my *Wonderful* Veterinarian Clinic for a thorough examination of her ear. My Veterinarian stated it was possible Cancer may be deeply imbedded within her ear. I immediately scheduled Surgery. After Katrina's Surgery, my Veterinarian Surgeon informed me Katrina's ear did NOT contain Cancer, but a Benign Polyp had been attached to her eardrum. Although the Surgery rendered Katrina deaf in her ear, the SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! A month passed. I noticed when Katrina ran around and played she became very short of breath and pant. I scheduled Surgery with my Veterinarian to enlarge Katrina's teeny nostrils so she could easily breathe. THE SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! Several years passed. Over time I noticed Katrina's right eye began to darken. She was taken to an Animal Eye Specialist who informed me Katrina had Iris Melanoma [Cancer] in her right eye. To save Katrina's Life, her Cancerous eye MUST be removed. I was sick at heart! I DID make the correct decision to have Katrina's right eye removed. Her Cancerous Eye Globe was sent to a Pathologist in Canada who confirmed ALL the Cancer had remained within her Eye Globe and HAD NOT migrated into her little body. A TRUE BLESSING! Katrina adjusted extremely well with only one eye. Katrina was a Cancer Survivor! I am an Ovarian Cancer Survivor of 12 years.

I have a former friend who looked down her nose at me for adopting Katrina from a Pet Shelter. She called me Brave. She only adopts HER Persian Cats from Persian Cat Breeders. Personally, I don't feel I was Brave at all. I saved the LIFE of a poor, bedraggled, little yellow puff of fur in Desperate Need of Loving Care.

Katrina was a healthy, happy, beautiful, loving Persian Cat and the Joy and Love of my Life. I called her Katrina Ballerina as she was so small, dainty and a true Persian Prima Ballerina Princess. I even made up a little song I frequently sang to her which I have posted at the end of this story.

A Special Note: Early one morning Katrina walked into my bedroom and said....Hello. No, not a Meow. Katrina said Hello in our English language! Believe it or not, this is True! Katrina never said Hello again, but ONE Katrina Hello was a Miracle.

I am Completely Devastated, in Deep Grief, over the Tragic Loss of my Beloved Katrina. She was the only one in the entire world I loved. I have lost my loving family. I had the privilege of owing Katrina for only 10 Short Years. Katrina Passed Away from Liver Cancer. I Miss Her Desperately.

My Song:

Katrina Ballerina all Dressed in White,
Katrina Ballerina Eyes Shining Bright!
Katrina Ballerina on her Little Tip Toes,
Katrina Ballerina and her Little Pink Nose!

Katrina Ballerina

My Precious Pure White Persian Cat
Adopted: August 22, 1996
Passed: October 2, 2006

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