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In June of 1987, I was six years old, and Kally was only several days old. I picked her out of the litter myself, a beautiful little calico. For the next 19 years we were best friends. Every member of my family had their own cat (Kally made cat no. 6, and was the only female) so Kally was definitely mine and mine alone. In 2001, at age 14, she moved with me to college. In 2005 she helped me welcome my husband and we became a family of three for a little while.    

  Brian was thankful for Kally’s stamp of approval because he knew without it he didn’t stand a chance. Today I am 25 years old, and grieving the loss of my baby Kalico who just passed away in October. But I have so many wonderful memories of her! Everyday I thank the LORD for the 19-year-friendship I had in that little kitty.

I want to say a special thank you to Jan F. Thanks to Jan, Kally now sleeps peacefully in a rose garden.

-Jeannette P

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