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In November of 1992, one of my daughters worked as an assistant in a local animal hospital when a man brought in a small sheltie to have her put down. He had kept her outdoors with German Shepherds which had attacked her and bitten her throat badly. The doctors did extensive repair to her neck leaving it covered with bandages. She was very thin and extremely traumatized.

  My daughter called me that day to say the dog was so well behaved during the medical care that they felt she would be a good pet for a woman and asked if I would like to try keeping her. My husband had passed on a year and a half before and I was still adjusting to the loss. I felt reluctant but agreed to a trial and after a few days in the doctor's care, my daughter brought her to me. She still had the bandages and was so quiet. She did not respond to anything and was so afraid to trust anyone, especially men. (Later there were signs she may have been mistreated.) I made a "temporary" bed in a box with a towel. But after two weeks with me she began to relax and show trust, though she still avoided all men in my family. By four weeks we were bonding so I bought a plush bed for her. When I gave it to her she "kissed" my hands and showed such pleasure at the gift (and the safe home). I enrolled her for training and she willingly learned everything quickly and her behavior was perfect. My whole family came to love her and she eventually welcomed even the men. Doctors and Groomers always complemented her behavior and beauty, making me proud. Her brown eyes looked at us directly with such comprehension. We comforted each other, enjoyed life together and shared a peaceful, loving friendship until June 2006. She was a blessing in my life. We placed her here near my house where I will plant a tree to honor her.

Lynda B.
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