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Isabella was a Nationally certified Search and Rescue dog trained to assist in the location of missing persons. We worked as a team in South Florida for 5 years until finally making our move to the Inland Northwest where Bella could be a "country dog". She was a truly gifted dog whose nose had no equal. As a 10 month old puppy she showed her ability by following a 24 hour old aged trail at a full-out run. For me it was pure joy to handle a dog that lived to do what she was bred to do. We forged a bond that was very close.

When she wasn't working Bella still lived a life of adventure. She would swim in the ocean and come with us on cross-country camping trips, always with her gear packed in case she was needed.

Bella was a beautiful, independent sole who will be missed by all who had the great pleasure of meeting her. Her battle with lymphoma was undertaken in her usual style, full out and giving it all she had.

  She received extraordinary care by North Idaho Animal Hospital and by WSU Veterinary teaching hospital for which I am very grateful.

Even though I know she is right now running the ultimate trail, I selfishly wish she was still with me. She will be deeply missed by myself, my husband, her brother (a Staffie Bull), her two kitties, and an African Gray.

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