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I was called in July by a vet’s office inquiring if I would take a 6 week old Bulldog puppy into our rescue program. She was born with Persistent Right Aortic Arch. It was either we take her into rescue and try to raise the money for her surgery or her to be put down. At that time the name given to her name was “Wheezer” because she wheezed prior to regurgitating her food up.

  We decided to try to raise the money as fast as possible to save this poor little 2 lb puppy. She was immediately given a new positive name of Hope. Within a day, we had a wonder human being donate the money for her surgery, Diane M. 

On August 1st little Hope had her surgery by an amazing surgeon Dr. Flynn of Cascade Veterinary Referral Center. Hope was still struggling with keeping her liquidized food down, but making progress. On Saturday August 5th, our precious little Hope was able to come home. I fed her every hour through a syringe. She had to be held upright to eat and after she ate for 15-20 minutes. This allowed her esophagus to hold straight for the food to pass through to her stomach and not collect in her ballooned out esophagus.

Hope touched so many lives with her fight to live. She went into surgery with severe pneumonia from aspiration. Hope passed away 4 weeks after her surgery at 2.6 lbs. We believe she had pneumonia again and became septic almost immediately and passed away.

Cascade Bulldog Rescue will continue to try to help as many Bulldogs as we possibly can. However, as in this case we cannot save them all.

Many thanks to Dr. Lynn S. who is my wonderful vet. She treats all my rescues so lovingly and my own personal pets as well. I can’t thank Cascade Veterinary Referral Clinic’s staff enough. They all took such wonderful care of Hope, even the office staff.

Hope took with her a piece of my heart when she passed.

Susan J.

Cascade Bulldog Rescue

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