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Hobbes was quite the fractious cat and didn't trust anyone but me and my husband but they never let that deter them. Hobber was diagnosed with a rare tumor on his adrenal gland. I guess that these tumors are found more occasionally on dogs but are hardly ever found on cats and when they are it is a difficult surgery. Well, our Hobber was tuff and made it through surgery with flying colors and was recovering pretty good for 5 days post op, however in a brief 6 hours Hobber went into respiratory failure and passed quickly.  

  We all think that it was either due to his body going through withdrawal from the tumors steroids or possibly pancreatitis. It was the hardest day of my life so far to loose him. I am thankful that it was quick and painless thanks to the doctors.

Hobber was so special to my husband and I; he was a feral cat adopted from the Campus cat program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He was with us for only 12 years, way to short of a time, but he brought such joy, unconditional love, and laughter into our house. He is missed greatly every day.

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