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Hito was a neutered male Japanese Bobtail that kept my home buzzing since I got him as a kitten six years ago. He left no curtain unclimbed and no heart untouched. He could fly up a cat tree like a rocket exploding into space. Watching him leap on top of the refrigerator and china cabinets, one might swear he had wings. He always made time to relax, though. Hito earned the nickname, "Heater", because he found heat sources and spent hours basking in their warmth. He might be sunbathing in a window, sprawled in front of a heat register, curled in a cat bed on top of the dryer, stretched out in front of the fireplace, or snuggled on someone's lap. He knew all the hot spots!

  Hito was devoted and courageous. When a spider bit his kitty sister, he checked on her and then killed the spider with no mercy. Several times he stayed with someone who was having convulsions. When his sister dog, Diva, had a leg amputated due to osteosarcoma, he grew very close to her. Diva would lick Hito until he was sopping wet and he would rub against Diva long gentle strokes that never knocked her off balance.

Hito happily greeted his uncle cat when he came to visit and he welcomed a new kitten with delight when she stumbled into our lives. He eagerly met every guest at the door. He lived up to his Japanese name of Hitozuki. He was a living manekineko. It’s almost impossible to say how wonderful Hito was and how much he is missed.
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