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Hanz’s nickname was our “Little Tiger”. He was fierce and gentle in the same breathe. Such a strong and true friend of ours for 11 years, he and his true unique personality that worked so well for us as a protector will always be fondly remembered. He was the last survivor of 3 dogs we’d had since 1995. Much sadness is felt as the last dog is now gone of that family of canines. Several times we struggled through illness and injuries together, and in the last days, his death took us somewhat by surprise.  

  His protective nature and unstoppable energy level, even in his 11th year of life, will be missed, as I loved these traits he possessed. It seemed as he was our “guardian angel with a tail” that would never leave us. I will shed tears for a long time, but I can still smile at his gift to my life. Hanz, I love you and miss you so.

In his last few months of life, he had a new sister, Ava, which he was very tolerant. She taught him how he could tolerate another canine in his resting space. This picture of him lying on the pad with Ava, was a miracle in itself (he had a brother and a sister most of his life, who preceded him in death, and the pad would be a forbidden territory to another canine)! We thought this was a feat that Hanz was incapable (sharing resting space). He showed us his true colors with this little gal.

His illness in that last year of life, hampered him in his ability to keep up with a puppy, but I think he would have given her a run for her money if he’d still been feeling well. I will forever admire the spirit of Hanz.
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