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We found Ernestine at the Seattle Animal Shelter 2 years ago, as a tiny puppy. We had been searching for a companion for our pug Samson, and although we had been looking for another pug, fate brought us a dachshund. She grew into a beautiful girl, who was so sweet and loving, despite being a handful. Never short of personality, she proved to be a challenge --- but with a big heart. She chewed a hole in our brand new couch and housebreaking was an ongoing issue. But despite her mischievous manner, she was so very loving. She even treated the cat like   

  her baby. She loved to sleep right next to us with her head on our pillow. For a small dog, she was super adventurous and outgoing. Last fall we went to a park to have our engagement photos taken, her curiosity led her to step off the side of a dock and fall into a muddy pond, while we were waiting for our photographer to set up for the very first shot. And just a few days before she fell ill, she was at the Magnuson dog park waterfront splashing in the water and having the time of her life.

Ernestine suddenly became ill and it was soon discovered she had developed canine autoimmune hemolytic anemia (her immune system was attacking her blood cells). She had three blood transfusions but the disease was far too aggressive for anything to help. The whole experience was devastating - one day she was perfectly healthy and the next day she wasn't.

She is survived by her brother, Samson the pug, our cat Ebenezer and us (Will & Leslie) - who all miss her terribly. We are getting married this August and it simply won't be the same without her. It's been so difficult to accept that we only had 2 years with her. We miss our sweet Ernestine more than words can express.

Leslie H.

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