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  Dotger Blackpaw

She's more like a dog than a cat, named after the street I lived on when she came into my life and one paw that was black - when I call her name she comes running and rubs up against me like I was the most important thing in the world. And she carries on conversations with me - I say hello, then she meows, then I continue with a conversation and she just meows back to everything I say. She purrs more intensely than any cat I've come across, just so happy with any attention that she can get, so glad to be by my side. And her eyes - dancing and full of excitement. Most of all, that cat loves me unconditionally, whether I deserve it or not, despite who does and does not.


I'm speaking of her in the present tense because during the three hours I spent with her before she passed, I promised her that I would never leave her again, and I won't - she'll stay in my heart always.


Posted May 26,  2006  |     Printer Friendly Version