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I picked Damien out of a litter of 3 when I was 15 or 16. That was about 16 years ago. When he was little he liked to play rough with his toys and to love on his mommy (me). He was even good at giving kisses without even being asked. He also liked to get into the trash and tear it up, which is why he got the name, Damien. He was a wonderful dog though. He really helped me through a lot of hard times and never judged me. Whenever we would go somewhere in the car he would sit in my lap or on my shoulders.


He was my heart and soul. To me he was my child, my flesh and blood, which I would have given up for him if need be. He would act like a child too sometimes trying to see how much he could get away with. Then he would give me that look of "What did I do?" Damien's trademark was his right ear. It was always up while the other one was always down.

God took him home on March 1 to his doggy heaven. It was very unexpected but he didn't suffer and to me that is what matters most. I will miss him with all of my heart.

In this picture Damien is sitting in an Elmo chair which Elmo was sitting in. He pushed Elmo out of his way so he could get comfy and cozy. I am thankful to my mother and step-father, who are paying to have Damien cremated so I can have him near me forever. He will be put by our fish tank so he can be near the fish he loved to look at and would try to catch through the glass.

I love you my little boy and I miss you.


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