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Cylbe (Sil-bee)

Stands for "cute young little bugger"- I acquired her 6 years ago from a wonderful family that has just had a child with "special needs". Needless to say - they needed to find good homes for their 4 cats and were sorry to see all of them go - especially her.

They found Cylbe on a busy street corner when she was approximately 3 week old. She was making such a racket that his wife heard her cries.

  She probably had been starving for days. Her lack of nutrition contributed to her small thin tail and a very small head. Whatever deficiencies she had - she more than made up for it with her big heart. However, during that time she definitely made up for lost time and when I met her - she was 13 + pounds!!! I would describe her as my "little orange bowling ball with toothpick legs".

She became my official greeter to me and to all who came to the house. She found every "sun beam" or warm spot to be found. She enjoyed a good piece of string or ribbon that was dangled in front of her :) Definitely one of our fondest memories - is she had a thing for socks. She would find a sock whether on the floor, clothes basket and where ever we were she would come down and drop it and "meow" - it was her best treasure of the day!!! However, we would never ever see her carting the sock around.

Best of all - she always was where you were and we just loved that! Whether you were reading, playing the piano, sleeping - there was something "special" about her presence. Everyone who met her felt that also

We were blessed to have such a wonderful family member - she will be with us always.

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