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My husband and I had been vacationing and called home to check in with our son who was taking care of things for us. He told me, "Mom, you have a new puppy. Before you say anything let me tell you that if I hadn't rescued her she would have been destroyed". What parent hasn't heard THAT story more than once! Needless to say the puppy went straight to our hearts the moment we laid eyes on her.  As she grew to adulthood we figured she was a mix of German Shepard and Golden Retriever - although what part of the mix her tail might have been escaped us. Her ears were a joke- one was up all of the  

  time and the other flopped over to the side. She was probably about 10 to 12 weeks old in 1994 and she lived to see her 12th birthday this year, 2006. She was only one of many pets we've had throughout the years, but she certainly had to have been the best dog we'd ever had. She would invite us to play, she was an excellent watchdog but was never known to be an indiscriminate barker, she adored children and she quickly made friends with people who had a fear of dogs, not to mention very large dogs.

12 Weeks Old

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