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Charlie was a one of a kind type of cat. When we got him (or he got us, which ever is the case) He was flea infested and anemic. We cleaned him up, got rid of the fleas, and nursed him back to health. During the first year Charlie was extremely social towards anyone. He used to sit on my wife's shoulder and sing (meow) along as she played the piano. He would, at night, go walking down the keys and we would hear the notes played as he stepped on the keys. Who could help but to laugh at his antics.  

  Later on is his life, Charlie became a one family cat in that he would only interact with us, no if, and , or buts about it. Our pet sitters would never see him when they came over to care for our other "kids". Charlie was there, just always in a position where he could see them, but they couldn't see Charlie! When we would get one we would get 4 hours of "OH YOU'RE HOME AND I'M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU", which would then become a mad "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THAT. I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF THE ENTIRE HOUSE, EVEN YOUR DOBERMAN AND THAT OTHER CAT YOU THINK YOU OWN." Even though he had his moments, Charlie was a wonderful loving cat to us. He always knew when one of us wasn't feeling well and would come up to us and stay with whoever was sick.

One day I took Charlie to the vet and he had list about 1.4 #'s over the year. We decided to have a blood work up done and discovered that his white cell could was way too low. We tried to nurse him back to health but by tat time he was too far gone to help. We asked the Feline Medical Clinic to help Charlie by allowing him to leave this world and go to car heaven. It is the hardest thing to have to do, but Charlie was in more distress than any cat should be. The Clinic agreed with us and, without charge, put him down. They let us hold Charlie as he first got some med to calm him down and let him sleep and then gave him the med that let him leave his suffering behind.

The Dr. that did the procedure even shed a tear as well as us. We have never had such a compassionate group of vets that care for cats the way that they do. We will be getting a kitten from the humane society in a few weeks and you can bet that Feline Medical Clinic will be his/her Dr.

Thank you again, we truly appreciate the work that you do and the care that you have for cats. You're the best.

Dick and Lori W

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