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Caesar, a Saddlebred gelding, was my friend and companion for nearly 20 years. I bought him from a neglectful home for just $650 when I was 13 and he was 6. From that day on, I worked at the barn cleaning stalls and feeding in order to be able to afford him - never taking him for granted. We would take trail rides, jump fences with great spirit, and just laze around the grounds just being together. We were brought together through fate (my mom's hairdresser's sister had this horse she couldn't care for anymore, and for some reason she told my mom!), and I knew we were soul mates when he let me groom and saddle him when nobody else could really get near him. He turned out to be the most calm, patient, loving horse you could hope for.

  I gave rides to tons of kids over the years, trying to get them as hooked on horses as I had been at a young age. He was always so cautious with them, stepping slowly and carefully while they were aboard or grooming him. My favorite memories are of the long trail rides in the crisp fall days in Western Washington where we'd be out in the quite of the woods, the leaves turning, and the sun streaming through the branches. Unfortunately he got Cushings Disease at 21, and he was set free for the last time on September 26th at 26 yrs old. He was my best buddy, and I'll miss him terribly.

Kelly N.
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