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  Buddy and Major

My husband David and I have been adopting Brittanys through the Brittany Rescue for several years and of course they come to us as older dogs so while we may not have them for very long we do make their golden years as good as we can and it was very hard to loose both Buddy and Major within a week and a half of each other. In the photos Buddy (standing) is the upper
photo. He came to us from Montana and was our 2nd. Buddy from the Brittany Rescue. Major laying on his binkie with his ball, came to us from Missouri.  Buddy died from a very fast spreading paralysis we just don't know what caused this and he was still a very healthy dog so it was devestating to loose him in just a matter of days. Major was on medications for congestive heart failure and he just failed rapidly with out his companion Buddy and we let him go a week later.Our house is very quiet without the pitter-patter of 8 little paws but we are working with the nice folks at American Brittany rescue looking for our next swe et Brittanys to adopt.

Buddy and Major

Dr. Leese and her staff have been wonderful to all of our adopted Brittanys and have loved them just as much as we have. My husband and I both along with all of our wonderful Brittanys have been very blessed to have had such caring attention from Dr. Julia. I apologize for the rambling nature of this note please feel free to edit as you will and again thank you for your kind letter and for the remarkable work you do to better the lives not only of our furry doggie friends but all creatures great and small.

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