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Although Brandy graduated on October 17, 2006, she did so with honors, having achieved her Ph.D. in the Art of Loving. I was so blessed to be able to share my life with her for almost 13 years. Being a German Shorthaired Pointer, Brandy loved her birds. It gave me so much joy to see her in her pointing stance as she stuck her face in bushes along our walks, hoping to flesh out a sparrow or two. And when I took her to Discovery Park and saw her romp through the tall grass in springtime like a gazelle, my heart sang. I felt such pleasure when I saw Brandy enjoying what was near and dear to her heart. She and I both took solace in the ocean, and a year did not pass that we didn't venture down to the Oregon Coast at least once, if not more, to retreat from the big city. Watching Brandy chasing kites on the beach, jumping up in the air like an NBA all star, hoping to catch their tails, made me smile for hours on end. Then, when winter came knocking on the door, I'll never forget Brandy's first experience in the snow and how she just soaked up the pleasure of those  

  white soft blankets and the snow flakes falling on her little nose. My Brandycakes lit up my life and taught me so very much. Thank you, Brandy, for the honor of being your mama. You will forever be in my heart until, together, we cross the Rainbow Bridge. I love you, my darling.

Carla W.
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