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Brandon was very special. One of the most beautiful collies you would ever see. He was always very caring and concerned about whatever mood I was in; always studying me and my emotions and would instinctively comfort me. He was an intact male all of his life, yet would be very motherly to all puppies that lived here during his time, sleeping next to them, grooming them and mentoring them. He always thought that my microwave was a window to the outside world and would stand at its door with the most imaginative expressions. I will add that he was a wonderful show dog. He always gave me 110% in the ring. But he was so much more than a show dog. Whenever I had any kind of a conversation with someone, he very intently looked into my eyes and my companion's eyes all the time we would be talking. I'm convinced he took it all in and understood all of it. He is a spirit who had been here before, and he will be here again.

  He will certainly always be with me, this I know.

I cannot put into words how much this dog meant to me and how much I loved him and I always will. I miss him every day so deeply. I am so grateful that I had 9 years with his wonderful loving soul and I am looking forward to seeing and being with him again.

Jan A.
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