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Bella was quite the personality. I think she was truly a one-person horse. ( I loved Bella for over 10 yrs; and she was loved and cared for by her other "mom", Jan, for 3 of those years, though I still visited her almost daily even during that time). I also had owned and loved Bella's dam, Raffella, who passed away several years ago.
She could be the most mellow, easy going horse, or she could turn on the heat, and be a pistol.
Somedays, I could switch her on or off, other days it was all up to her! She loved to ride on the trail, or down the dirt roads, but NOT in circles in an arena!!!!
She loved to "play" (free lunge) in the arena....I could get her all fired up and running around with her tail up, snorting, and showing off.

  Then, just as quick, she would turn it off and come up to get her belly scratched.
She usually pinned her ears at men; if they didn't earn her respect, they didn't get it!!
She loved to have her belly button scratched, and her tail; she would almost fall over, enjoying it!
She is a character who can never be replaced.
I am thankful for the time I had with her, and for the efforts made to save her.
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