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In 1990, my boyfriend and I moved from Idaho to Phoenix to go to school the following summer. We were 19 and 17, inexperienced, alone in a big city, and poor! Within 2 months of moving to Phoenix, I hurt my back and was confined to bed for four weeks, during which I became seriously depressed. When Josh saw how depressed I was he became worried about my well being and to my surprise he suggested we get a puppy. He instinctively knew that if I had another being to focus on, that I would get out of the house, attend my physical therapy appointments, and by doing normal activities I had a chance at breaking out of my depression. He was right!

Bear and I would spend the day together and I knew that in order to be a good "mom" to him that I needed to take him outside 2-3 times per day, play with him, teach him tricks, and give him lots of love and attention. His love and affection for me pulled me out of my depression and I will never forget what a gift he was to me at that time or throughout his 15.5 years in our lives.

Bear was a "single dog" for about 6 years and then we got another puppy, Milo, whom he loved and adored. Throughout his life with us, Bear watched many animals come and go: bunnies, parakeets, cats, and other dogs. He was tolerant, playful, and accepting. He had a heart of gold and I know that we will never find another like him.

Bear gave us more than 15 years together and taught us the value of living in the moment, appreciating our health, and unconditional love. He will forever be memorialized on your site, and he will always live in our hearts.

We love you, Bear dog!

Josh and Kimberley S.
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