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Axl was born in August of 1988, the same year of my high school graduation. I met her in 1992, while visiting the father of my then girlfriend. The moment I sat down, and much to the dismay of my girlfriend's dad, Axl crawled into my lap and fell asleep. Not knowing it, I was hers.

In the four short years before I knew her, she had one kitten--an orange Tom that grew to be bigger than Ax and became named "Two Tons of Trouble". Eventually my girlfriend asked if Ax could move in with us, never having owned a cat I didn't know what to expect.

  Funny doo-dah trouble is what you can expect with a cat. I remember the time she knocked over my entire bookshelf. And the time she jumped onto the stove and burned off her whiskers. The time she tried to attack the mourning doves perching on the window sill, only to bounce off the window screen. The time I found her in the living room chattering at the wall, only to discover a bat had crawled out of a crack! Her love of eating all of the plants in the house, and drinking water out of the bath tub. Her love of turkey, and tuna, and anything that was in my hand.

I remember how she would wrap her paw around my hand to get maximum petting. And how when she yawned you could see that even her mouth was Tortie! She had a flat face like an owl, whisps on the ends of her ears, and tiny little hips. Her front and back paws alternated black and orange. In her later years she grew one white whisker, which she one day left me as gift.

Axl always met me at the door. She saw me through five girlfriends and four heartbreaks. Named after Axl in G&R, Axl truly loved hard rock. I used to call her "sweet child of mine," to which she responded by rolling on her back.

Axl died on November 9, 2006 at 3:15 pm due to complications from kidney failure. She is missed by everyone who ever knew her.
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