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What can I say about the greatest dog ever?  His name was Silhouettes Saint Sebastian and was born on 8/27/96 to Sire Master Arcturus and Dam Princess Schnee Von Jamis in Hermiston, Oregon.  Sharon W. was the breeder.  Sebastian was AKC registered.  We called him Saint or Seabass (for short).  He came into our lives at the age of 6 weeks old.  My daughter, Georgi adopted him at 8 weeks.  He had stolen our hearts and we had fallen in love instantly.  Sebastian was a magnificent, handsome white German Shepherd.  Sebastian was our protector, companion and a great family member.  He got along well with our cats.  Sebastian loved kids.  He loved his family and had conquered many trials in his short life (he was our mom's companion and watchdog, until her passing; he overcame being paralyzed).   

  He loved to play, especially fetching his squeaky toys, and loved playing in the snow.  When kissing Georgi goodbye, he could say momma momma.  He loved her very much.  He was just the sweetest dog.  I could go on and on praising and telling stories about him.. All I know is that he was the greatest.  No other can replace him.  He was a force to be reckoned with.  Sebastian will be deeply missed but will live in our hearts forever.  He lived for 10 years until liver cancer took his precious life from us.  We would like to thank the staff at Vista Veterinary Hospital for all their care and assistance with Sebastian in his 10 years.

Sherry W.

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