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Tough...what a wonderful dog.  Naming him Tough must have been foreshadowing.  He had more lives than a cat! He survived salmonella poisoning...barely, he was attacked and literally ripped apart TWICE by two big dogs... hours of surgery, hundreds of stitches and several drain tubes later he mended and was good as new. (Thank you Dr. Stevenson!) But, the best test of his 'toughness' was recovering from coon hound paralysis.  A raccoon bit his nose (the scars are still visible on his picture) and he was completely paralyzed for 4 months.  He could wag the tip of his tail and move his tongue.  It took around the clock care feeding him, rotating him to prevent bed sores, putting him in a sling to try to get him uprightupright (all 80 pounds worth) and diapers!

  Gradually, he started to regain movement and he fought to get better...he eventually did and my Tough ran with me until the end of his life.  He was kind, protective and gentle.. with 7 grandbabies rolling all over him he would just lie there and enjoy the company.  Yet, if anyone in our family was threatened, he was the first to protect us.  There will never be another Tough... I miss my best friend so much.  Be at left permanent paw prints on my heart.

Patti R.

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