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We found Dixie as a stray in 1991 in Cincinnati, Ohio. At first we thought she was a black cat, but as we washed her, her beautiful markings came out. She was about 1 year old then. She was with us for our entire adult lives, moving with us from Cincinnati to Los Angeles and then to Seattle. She left us way too soon from kidney failure at the age of 16 on November 6th, 2006.She was the sweetest, most loving cat ever. She and our 3 year old daughter were inseparable from day 1. She was a purring machine and loved attention from anyone and everyone.  

  The house seems empty without her and all of us, including our other 3 cats, pine for her every day. She is now in heaven what she was on earth - a bright, warm light. We miss you, Dixie.

Brent and Julie C.

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