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Baileys Irish Cream..aka Bailey, Scraps, & Boo Boo... Words can't even begin to express how much we miss this little guy!! From a very healthy 12 yr old Westie , to a very sick one, and lose him in a matter of hours on Oct. 25, 2006 .

Bailey came into our lives in July 1994..we knew he was the perfect pet for our family..Alisha and Brooke picked the right name for him, but of course we each had our favorite nicknames. Bailey loved to go everywhere we did, camping, the beach, and even rides on the Harley, wearing his helmet and goggles .. he loved to be outside with dad...chasing the sprinkles like they were gophers... sure wish that our new grandson Riley was old enough to have known him. At least we have lots of pictures and many wonderful memories to share with him when he's older.

Bailey will be in our hearts forever...WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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