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Whiskers: a gentle handsome cat who I loved for 12 years. We took him in as a kitten off the streets of Brooklyn, NY, when he was just about 8 weeks old, a little orange ball of fur, who was very playful. We brought him to Staten Island, where a young boy named him, but I was the one who took him to the doctor every time he got sick or injured. I moved but still worked there twice a week or more, and became attached to him. We slept together, esp. because he would get in fights with cats outside and eventually had a problem with his liver. He would sleep with his head on my pillow, or sleep on my chest. He was very gentle, good with children and handicapped children. He had a unique personality, all his own, I think I was the main one who appreciated him. He had light green eyes and a pink nose.

He devoured his raw food, which I started making in 1998. He was on homeopathy for his liver and other problems, since then too. He liked to go outside and roll on the cement, and sit on the chair on the porch. He liked to sit in backyard among the trees. He wasn't that friendly with cats in the neighborhood, but was with the 2 kittens that came to live there at different times. I always made sure when they sprayed for mosquitoes in wake of the West Nile Virus scare, that he was safe inside with windows closed. I cleaned up after him. Others there did not like to clean up after him and when he started vomiting, they took him away, without warning. I was devastated, as I had the next homeopathic remedy in my hand. It was awful. HR said he's in a good home, that's all she knew. PB knew and to this day won't tell me anything. Seems like she started to bring it up a couple times and changed the subject. I was depressed for a year. I miss Whiskers and hope he knew I loved him. I feel like I let him down. I hope to see him again.

Thanks. Carrie

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