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  Uslee Baby

Having Uslee Baby was the happiest chapter of my life. I loved everything about her and our 13 years together. She was my climbing buddy and would boulder the hardest rocks with me to the point where I had to rescue her off many a cliff. She was my safety when I took long road trips across the Southwest in my junker car to climb, hike, or just explore. She was my family waking me up every morning with licks to the hand until the slobber made me roll out of bed. She was my comedian making me laugh at her expressions when I gave her carrot juice or a sample of my cuisine. She was my pride when she would work long hours in the retirement homes letting so many hands pet her. She was my peace when she would roll up onto the bed and sleep near me while I read through the night. She was my heart when she would let me hug her tight while I cried over yet another lost love. Everything was fine when Uslee was with me. Everything was beautiful in our world together. Because of her I now understand the station of Servant.

I wish everyone could have such a special relationship with another species...what an amazing world it would be. I will always miss her.


Posted Nov. 24, 2004      |     Printer Friendly Version