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I adopted Spot as a tiny kitten from the Humane Society and was unbelievably fortunate to share my life with him for the next 20 years.

Spot was a fiery spirit with a big heart. Insatiably curious, nothing ever escaped his attention. He checked out everything my husband and I did about house and the garden. Each day presented a fresh opportunity for a new game. He played hide and seek, demanded shoulder rides, and loved to be dragged across the floor in a grocery bag. He dove into the bed when the sheets were changed and perched on the rocking chair demanding to be swung back and forth. He curled up next to my head at night, enjoyed being carried downstairs to breakfast in the morning and greeted me when I came home from work.

  Always the life of the party, he showed off instead of leaving the room when visitors arrived.

He was as sweet as he was feisty. His purr could be heard across a room; he never let me cry alone. He also attacked large dogs and left his mark on several unwary vets.

Spot helped me get through many happy and turbulent times during our 20 years together including marriage, divorce, remarriage, recovery from a near fatal accident, surgery and cancer treatment. Life hasn’t been the same during the nearly two months since he died. My husband and I keep expecting to see him walk around the corner and check out whatever we are doing. I still expect to feel him jump – light as a feather - on the bed at night. Our other two cats seem lost and keep looking for their ring leader to lead them to the next adventure.

The excellent treatment from the Queen Anne Animal Clinic gave us one more beautiful Pacific Northwest summer with Spot. Once he was diagnosed with lymphoma, I knew our remaining time together would be short. I wrote a journal during the last few months of his life and am putting together a scrapbook of his pictures. We will also spread his ashes in a new garden bed and will soon have a small wake with friends and family.

I will always miss him.


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