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Spookie was the ray of sunshine in my life. He was an all black short hair male domestic cat with so much personality. I got him from a Vet when he was 3 months old. I was a hands on Mom so I could do and touch Spooks just about anywhere. He was always waiting for me in the window when I came home. He would immediately scamper to the door to greet me. In the mornings when I got ready to leave he would sit on the bathroom counter watching my every move. Spookie liked fresh running water and I would leave the faucet running ever so lightly for him. He would position his behind on the counter ledge and lower it until it touched and he was comfortable. Then he would take his paws one at a time and push the water back 3 times on the right and switch to the left paw. He would then place the top of his head so that the water ran between his ear and the side of his face lapping up that fresh water until he had his fill. He was quite a site to behold.

Spookie was quite the kneader and like to get his licks in. If he got anywhere near the right side of my neck the purring began and he was kneading away and making biscuits. In the middle of the night should he have the urge to want a little affection he would swat me on the back with his paw. If that did not work he would come around to the front and take his nose place it under my chin and raise it. He also thought that he was part dog, when anyone new came to the house he had to jump on a table or a chair to smell them and their breath and get to know them. He love diving under pieces of tissue or newspaper with much success. I have a drawer in the bathroom that was his. He did not have a handle on it so it with open it with his teeth pull it out and crawl under it when it wanted some privacy. Of course I will leave all of his teeth marks on that drawer. Spookie was only 7 years old when he was taken away, may he rest in peace.

He is so missed and so loved. I have so many wonderful, crazy & funny memories that make me LOL. He definitely was one cat in a million. I know that he has made a wonderful contribution to Heaven and it will never be the same. Take care of my Mom & mother-in-law Spooks.

Until we meet,

Mom Louise
Posted Nov. 16,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version