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Let me tell you the story about my beloved Shelby girl:
She was the best friend anyone could ever have. Shelby's mom and grandma did everything they could to make her a happy girl. And in return all of her 14 1/2 years of her life she focused on making her mom and grandma happy.
Shelby would spend her days chasing the squirrels and barking at the neighbors' cats. She would patiently wait for a walk to the river or to see her friends the cows. She would spend her afternoons fishing in the creek in her back yard. In the evenings Shelby enjoyed sitting outside gossiping to Daisy the duck.
Oh, how we miss you so much Shelby girl, you filled our lives with such joy. That happy smile you always had for us, we will never forget you.

We love you Shelby,

your mom and grandma



Posted Nov. 18,  2005  |     Printer Friendly Version