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My best friend, Shadow, passed on today.He would have been 13 next month..I know that his other life He was a human..He had so much personality..We took Him to the Vet back in March because He was limping..The Vet said, He had Cushings Disease and If you get Him on meds, He will be fine..the meds were $150.00 a month but He was like my little son and I didn’t have a problem with the price..

  He was doing great until 2 weeks ago and He started to limp on His left rear leg..I figured He slipped on the dining room floor since it was real slick..that happened on a Friday, well Monday came and He was getting worse, He was dragging His leg so I ran Him up to the Vet and they gave me some medicine and said “If He gets worse, bring Him back” Tuesday morning He was limping worse, so I took Him back to the vet and they scheduled a x-ray for Wednesday morning..I took Him up there wednesday and left Him there because they had to knock him out to take the x-ray, well they called me at 1:00pm and wouldn’t tell me on the phone what the problem was, they just said “you need to come up here and talk to the vet” That was the longest drive, I think I have ever taken..the vet showed my the x-ray and He had cancer all over, liver, spleen, lungs, spine..I was so mad at the vet because He never had the cushings disease, It was cancer and I would of had a 4 month head start on it if She would have taken the x-ray back in March.He got progressively worse throughout the final week that He lived..I had to carry Him outside to go to the bathroom because He would just fall down and the one side of His face was distorted, I think He had a stroke..when I got home yesterday, He was real limp and couldn’t walk so I fed Him chopped up steak and had to give Him water with a eye dropper because He couldnt get His head down to his food dishes that I had right next to Him on the living room floor..I woke up this morning, and my Brother was sleeping on the couch right next to Him and Shadow was twitching real bad and We knew it was time to take Him to the Vet..I went to work and when I talked to my Brother this afternoon, He said He was getting Shadow ready to go to the Vet to get put to sleep and when He came back in the house to get Him, He was gone..It was like Shadow said, I’m going to do this myself, you don’t need to put me to sleep..I’m deeply saddened for His lost..I already miss Him meeting me at the door when I get home from work, saying “Im hungry! its time for din din!” My brother took Him to the park everyday(and I mean, everyday!) for a couple of hours and I took Him on a hour walk everynight..We adopted Him from Gateway Animal Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio..If we wouldn’t have adopted Him that day, they would Have put Him to sleep..We was my little angel..He will be buried at Paws awhile Cemetery in Richfield, Ohio on Friday..This Cemetery is neat because I can be buried next to my dog..I know it will take time for the sadness to heal but I really miss my “boo boo”



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