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It is now 4 months since I lost my beautiful Scruffy… She is a tuxedo and graceful and velvety - I would call her Velvet, Fluffy Scruffy because her fur was getting fluffy from the raw food diet, Black Beauty. She was very playful although I didn’t play with her a lot since she stayed on the 3rd floor for a long time with one of the men who lives in the church-owned building. I would feed her on the landing and clean her boxes. She had a habit of peeing outside the box so I cleaned after her and got her on homeopathy which helped her.

  She wasn’t afraid of homeless cats that found their way in our house or outside the house, or even in the warehouse where she stayed for a few weeks - but she was afraid of May, until eventually when May became more gentle, they stayed at a distance. Scruffy was very talkative, she greeted everyone who came home, though most ignored her, except me. I would hold her in my lap and scratch her temples, which she liked, or let her sit/sleep on my chest on the couch, and she purred, kneaded, and drooled in ecstasy. She was a happy cat, tail always straight in the air, even though more and more it was lonely for her at our house - we work late hours and fewer people were there anymore.

She liked to eat grass outside but only for a few minutes then she would run back in the house, afraid to be locked out in that neighborhood. I wonder if she got fleas that way... We had a tuxedo kitten for a couple months there who used to play with Scruffy and most didn’t realize there were 2 tuxedo cats there, plus May, they wouldn’t have wanted 3 cats in the house. The kitten used to bite Scruffy in play and Scruffy would yell. I used to squeeze her and she would let out a squeaky noise. She is very gentle, never bit or scratched me. I really miss her presence when I come home and in the basement, she slept in almost every area of the basement. There is so much more I want to say…

Thanks. Carrie  

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