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My Dearest Sabrina,

They say you had a strong heart-

I say you had strength of heart, courage, and the will to live!

They say you were beautiful and elegant-

I say your beauty and elegance were exceeded only by the uniqueness of your personality!

They say you gave unconditional love-

I say your Love was a gift you gave to me. And I say the joy of returning that Love is my special gift to you.

When you stepped into my life you touched my heart in ways I will continue to learn about as time goes on. One thing is certain, my dear Sabrina. You were unique and one-of-a kind! The loving bond we created will live on forever in a very special home in my heart.

With the greatest love and affection, as always.

Diana August 2004


An Essay for those who have lost a beloved pet

By Diana M.

It isn’t every day that you find that very special relationship and experience a very special bond with another being. Such is the bond I shared with Sabrina, my tortoiseshell cat for 12 years. Such is the way she entered my Soul and, such is the feeling of joy as I realize having this bond with an animal is a wonderful gift only few of us ever have. I know it, and will feel forever privileged and thankful for the experience.

There are many ways to describe success in our lives, but I feel the most important question we will ever ask ourselves is, how did we love. In other words, what risks did we take, what courage did we show, how much did we open our hearts to another. Its a scary business because while we experience great joy we are open to great sorrow when we lose that relationship. Through our sorrow we learn who we are, we get in touch with our inner selves and thereby find many of the answers we have sought about our place in the world.

We know ourselves better for the loss and face the "new day" with more understanding of who we are. Such is my experience.

For Sabrina I believe the experience is equal. My feeling is that animals depend on the development of their Spirits through interactions with their human caregivers. When the animal is cherished, loved, honored and cared for, the bond between human and animal is deep. The Spirit grows, matures and now has a chance to free itself. When the animal dies the Spirit takes wings and is free to fly to greater heights because the nurturing has caused the full development and release.

Sabrina had a poor beginning. I know only a little of her abusive past but the signs were clearly there and physically she suffered from that abuse in the end. But her Spirit and her love flourished with me and at her own designated time she "told " me she was ready to be free and let her Spirit soar.

I am left with the sorrow of her loss, but also with the image of a Spirit, whole and complete, pristine and clear with no restrictions in movement or energy...running through a meadow chasing butterflies, stalking birds, and meeting the Sun full- face. That visualization brings a measure of comfort that soothes and nurtures my own Spirit and gives me Peace.

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