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Rusty loved going to the Ocean, running on the beach and playing in the surf. He would always snarl his nose after the taste of ocean water and before too long, he would do that same snarl when greeting friends and neighbors or whenever we came home as if he were smiling with joy to be greeting us.. Camping was a specially fun for him too, he always would sneak off from camp to go down to the nearest creek or stream to get a fresh drink of pure fresh mountain water. It must have tasted so good to him!

One of the funnier sides of Rusty was that whenever we left the house for work or otherwise, he would always snatch up a dirty sock or underwear from the clothes hamper and chew on it till it was a slimy mess and then to top it off would carry it outside to display to all the neighbors.
Thanks again for your consideration of Rusty to this memorial fund,


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