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Born: May 5, 2002
Passed Away on: June, 21, 2005 @2:30 PM

Rocket was my best friend and buddy. Rocket has taught me a lot in life about being so close to pets and human beings. Rocket will remain in my heart for the rest of my life, we had lots of fun for the 3 1/2 years of his life and he was very spoiled. Rocket loved to cuddle. My buddy went where ever I went in the house and outside. I new when the first time I saw him we have bounded, the moment I laid my eyes on him when I picked him up at the airport in Juneau, Alaska. Rocket came from Olympia, Washington.

Rocket was very friendly and very fun to play with, he had lots of energy and those big black eyes of his. I called Rocket sometimes fur ball, I had him when he was a little puppy, he had lots of hair for a Japanese Chin and very beautiful. Rocket, I know you are listening to me and I here you too. I love you Rocket and I will miss you very much my little buddy. Rocket someday I will be with you, until than Rocket please take care buddy. We had many fun times together buddy. Your always in my heart everyday and dreams in every step I take on this earth. I will never forget you Rocket.


God Bless, Richard

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