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We had to put our beautiful dog, Rainier to sleep almost 2 weeks ago. He was 10 years old. We loved him more than I thought possible and miss him so horribly. Every time I turn around there is something that reminds me of him: the spot he always laid in out in our backyard, the frisbee he fetched since he was a puppy, the walks he loved to take. Then there are things that make me miss him so much: not having him greet us at the door everytime we come home, not having him sleeping in our bed every night, and not having him at my side and under my feet at every turn. I know he’s in a better place now. I know he is no longer suffering from the cancer that was invading his body. But, it hurts so much not having him with us. He was the most gentle, loving, loyal dog!! He was my husband and I’s first “baby” and we miss him with all our hearts.

Posted Aug. 18, 2004      |     Printer Friendly Version