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My mom came across Phoenix in front of a grocery store for free, my brother who had been assaulted and recovering from Surgery was at home in bed.... My mom came home with this gorgeous black lab puppy, and brought her into my brother, It was love at first sight. She got her name from my brother because he just had returned home from Phoenix Arizona from school.

Eventually my brother moved from home, and left Phoenix in the care of my mom. The whole family had a very strong bond with her due to how she came to be in our family. Anyone who came into her presence just fell in love with her right away.

She was a puppy at heart till the day she got very ill, which at the time she was 10 1/2 yrs old.

She loved Raw Hides. When she was a puppy we all were able to say it out loud, but eventually she knew what it was so we started spelling it, oh no she even figured that out, once she got one she would flip it up in the air, throw it on the ground and play with it like a puppy, and she had to do this every time before she would sit down and eat it. The Picture submitted is of her when my sister said "Ballerina" we never knew what she thought it meant, but she loved the word, and when you said it this is what she did. The day she left us, we had a room full of people who loved her and we all held her close and cried, she is one pet that will always be missed and loved forever, I don’t think we will ever have another animal in our lives like her. Thank you so much for this memorial in her honor, It means so much to the entire family.


Phoenix's Family

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